Past Simple - test luk

Uzupełnij luki w zdaniach poprawnymi formami czasowników podanych w nawiasach. Występują tu zdania twierdzące, pytania i przeczenia. Możesz używać zarówno form pełnych, jak i skróconych.
Możesz szybko przechodzić do następnego pola klawiszem "Tab"
1. They (watch) TV yesterday evening.
2. I (buy) a car three years ago.
3. The bus (arrive) late this morning.
4. Why (she/ cry)?
5. She (not win) the gold medal. She (come) second.
6. Jim (study) Economics.
7. Yesterday it (rain) all day.
8. “ (Pete/ help) you?” “No, he .” (krotka odpowiedz)
9. How (you/ do) that?!
10. (Tom/ do) the homework?
11. “ (you/ do) the washing-up?” “No, I (not have) enough time.
12. Where (you/ live) before you (move) to Glasgow?
13. We (enjoy) the party last night. We (dance) and (talk) to lots of new people.
14. I usually get up very early but today I (get up) at 10 a.m.
15. Jim (come) home, (take off) his coat and (sit) on the couch.
16. I (get) a letter from grandma.
17. The concert (start) at 7 p.m. and (finish) at 11:30 p.m.
18. What time (you/ come) home last night?
19. I (play) tennis yesterday but I (not win).
20. Pete (use to) play with girls when he was little.
21. I (love) to listen to grandpa’s stories. He (tell) us about wartime.
22. Columbus (discover) America in 1492 but the Vikings (do) it much earlier.
23. (you/ tidy) your room as I (tell) you?
24. How much fruit (you/ buy)?
25. “ (you/ see) the accident?” “Yes, I .” (krotka odpowiedz)
26. Susan’s grandfather (die) at the age of 96.
27. Last month Lynn (fly) from Mexico to the USA.
28. I (meet) Tom in the mall last Monday.
29. We usually go to the cinema on Sundays but last week we (go) on Saturday.
30. Joe (sleep) well last night but Sue . (przeczenie)