Present Continuous - test luk

Uzupełnij luki w zdaniach poprawnymi formami czasowników podanych w nawiasach. Występują tu zdania twierdzące, pytania (pytajnik na końcu zdania) lub przeczenia ("not" w nawiasie). Możesz używać zarówno form pełnych, jak i skróconych.
Możesz szybko przechodzić do następnego pola klawiszem "Tab"

1. "Where’s Jane?” "In the kitchen. She (cook) dinner.”
2. Look! Somebody (swim) in the lake.
3. (he/ fly) to London next week?
4. When (they/ come)?
5. We’re on holiday. We (stay) at the Cosy Hotel.
6. “Where’s Sue?” “She (have) a shower.”
7. Jack (not watch) TV. He (listen) to music.
8. Why (Joey/ cry)?
9. (you/ go) shopping this afternoon?
10. The prices of petrol (go up) quickly these days.
11. “ (it/ snow)?” “No, it .” (krotka odpowiedz)
12. "Why (you/ wear) a jacket?" "Because it’s cold outside."
13. It’s a lovely outfit you (wear) today.
14. What (you/ do) at the moment?
15. They (not come).
16. It’s 6:30 a.m. Mike (sit) at a table and (read) morning paper.
17. Who (you/ wait) for?
18. Where (those people/ go)?
19. “ (Paul/ work) today?” “Yes, .” (krotka odpowiedz)
20. “ (you/ use) the computer?” “No, I .” (krotka odpowiedz)
21. What (you/ read)?
22. Why (they/ look) at me?
23. Jim plays the guitar but he (not play) it now.
24. Take an umbrella. It (rain).
25. What (you/ do) tonight?
26. Tom’s a waiter. He serves customers but now he (sleep).
27. “Excuse me, but you (sit) in my place.” “Oh, I’m sorry.”
28. It (get) dark. I’d better go home.
29. Listen! somebody (scream) for help.
30. Ben and Rob (tour) Europe at the moment.