Środki językowe - Przekształcanie wyrazów - część 3

Uzupełnij luki wybranymi wyrazami pamiętając o ich przekształceniu.
my - we - bore (x2) - good - three - bad - expensive - lucky - she

1. Ask . I’m sure she’ll help you.
2. They invited to the party.
3. This ball isn’t yours. It’s .
4. I’m a good swimmer but he’s than me.
5. This coin is in my collection. I paid €100 for it.
6. That’s film I’ve ever seen.
7. There was an accident. , no-one was hurt.
8. Tim came first just before Rick. I came at the finish line.
9. I was so I went to the cinema.
10. He’s at football in our class. He can’t even kick a ball straight.