Środki językowe - Transformacje - część 1

Dokończ zdania z lukami, by miały ten sam sens co zdania bazowe.
Następnie kliknij "ZAKOŃCZ I SPRAWDŹ".

1. I always get up on time.
I never .

2. I last played the guitar in 2001.
I have 2001.

3. There isn’t any coffee left.
There’s left.

4. These are my shoes.
These shoes .

5. People play football all over the world.
Football all over the world.

6. I’ve never eaten a tastier pizza.
This is I have ever eaten.

7. Tom’s taller than Joe.
Joe as Tom.

8. I came to London on Saturday.
I’ve Saturday.

9. He’s a very good footballer.
He plays .

10. There aren’t enough seats in this classroom.
There are too in this classroom.

11. She’s too young to watch this film.
She isn’t to watch this film.

12. Steven Spielberg directed Indiana Jones.
Indiana Jones Steven Spielberg.

13. There’s no time to repair it.
There isn’t it.

14. We’re excited to fly to Australia.
We’re looking to Australia.

15. If you don’t help me, I won’t finish on time.
Unless on time.