Środki językowe - Transformacje - część 2

Dokończ zdania z lukami, by miały ten sam sens co zdania bazowe.
Następnie kliknij "ZAKOŃCZ I SPRAWDŹ".

1. There are only a few customers in the restaurant.
There aren’t very in the restaurant.

2. I don’t go out often because I don’t have time.
I’d go out more often if I .

3. Everyone in the class likes me.
I everyone in the class.

4. She has sent me a postcard.
I have her.

5. Most flights have been delayed.
Nearly have been delayed.

6. Owners must keep their dogs on a leash at all times.
Dogs on a leash by their owners at all times.

7. We lived in Norway for a year.
We used a year.

8. There’s not enough snow to ski.
There is too ski.

9. Jack’s not old enough to enter the club.
Jack’s to enter the club.

10. There’s such beautiful weather today.
It’s today.

11. This car belongs to my mum.
This is my .

12. Helen has got blue eyes.
are blue.

13. Susan skates very well.
Susan skater.

14. I don’t have a sister.
I got a sister.

15. I didn’t buy anything at the mall yesterday.
I bought yesterday.