Środki językowe - Transformacje - część 3

Dokończ zdania z lukami, by miały ten sam sens co zdania bazowe.
Następnie kliknij "ZAKOŃCZ I SPRAWDŹ".

1. I went nowhere at the weekend.
I didn’t weekend.

2. I met very few friends at the disco.
I did at the disco.

3. I don’t have much money so I can’t afford an expensive car.
If I were afford an expensive car.

4. Frank watched cartoons when he was a child.
Frank used when he was a child.

5. I used to wear glasses a few years ago.
I wore ago.

6. Susan was having a shower when the phone rang.
The phone rang a shower.

7. I think I will order a pizza.
Perhaps a pizza.

8. Perhaps I’ll go out if it’s warm in the evening.
I may in the evening.

9. I can’t ski so I’m bored in the winter.
If I wouldn’t be bored in the winter.

10. Put on warm clothes today. It’s freezing.
Dress today. It’s freezing.

11. It was easy for me to win the match.
I won .

12. We will have a heavy rain tomorrow.
It will tomorrow.

13. Tom’s not strong enough to carry the box.
Tom’s to carry the box.

14. Lucas doesn’t swim as well as Hugh.
Lucas is a than Hugh.

15. Ted drives so fast.
Ted is driver.