Środki językowe - Transformacje ze słowem kluczem - część 2

Dokończ zdania z lukami, by miały ten sam sens co zdania bazowe. Musisz wykorzystać wyrazy podane obok zdań w niezmienionej formie.
Następnie kliknij "ZAKOŃCZ I SPRAWDŹ".

1. A doctor is a person who treats patients. SOMEONE
A doctor treats patients.

2. She bought nothing at the mall yesterday. ANYTHING
She at the mall yesterday.

3. A CD player is a thing which plays music. THAT
A CD player plays music.

4. Would you like to go to the disco? FANCY
Do to the disco?

5. I’ve lived here all my life. SINCE
I’ve lived here born.

6. Do you have plans for the winter break? DOING
What this winter break?

7. As a teenager he was very shy. BE
He as a teenager.

8. I haven’t been to China. NEVER
I to China.

9. There was no rain when I left home this morning. NOT
It when I left home this morning.

10. The red bike is cheaper than the blue bike. MORE
The blue bike is the red bike.

11. Sue doesn’t run as fast as Molly. THAN
Molly runs Sue.

12. The last time I ate sushi was three years ago. FOR
I haven’t three years.

13. Susie bought some clothes last weekend. FEW
Susie clothes last weekend.

14. It was so loud that I couldn’t concentrate on my homework. ABLE
It was so loud that on my homework.

15. I prefer comedies to horror movies. RATHER
I than a horror movie.