Środki językowe - Transformacje ze słowem kluczem - część 3

Dokończ zdania z lukami, by miały ten sam sens co zdania bazowe. Musisz wykorzystać wyrazy podane obok zdań w niezmienionej formie.
Następnie kliknij "ZAKOŃCZ I SPRAWDŹ".

1. The Chinese invented paper. BY
Paper the Chinese.

2. The brown sneakers are more comfortable than the white ones. LESS
The white sneakers the brown ones.

3. How about going to India next summer? DON’T
Why to India next summer?

4. I have never eaten a tastier pizza. EVER
This is the eaten.

5. We could go for a walk. LET
for a walk.

6. Mike phones Kathy every day and she phones him every day. OTHER
Mike and Kathy every day.

7. We came here three hours ago. BEEN
We have for three hours.

8. When did they tell you about it? WERE
When about it?

9. He’s so charming. He’s a real gentleman. SUCH
He’s person. He’s a real gentleman.

10. I really like adventure films. FOND
I adventure films.

11. They moved to New Zealand in 1998. SINCE
They 1998.

12. We have no more petrol. RUN
We have petrol.

13. I have to take care of my baby brother this afternoon. AFTER
I have to baby brother this afternoon.

14. How much do the red trainers cost? ARE
How the red trainers?

15. It was such boiling weather that the air-conditioning broke down. SO
It was the air-conditioning broke down.