Środki językowe - stopień wyższy/ najwyższy przymiotników i przysłówków, wyrażenia z too/enough/as...as - uzupełnianie zdań

Uzupełnij zdania. Wykorzystaj podane w nawiasach wyrazy w odpowiedniej formie i - jeśli to konieczne - dodaj inne wyrazy. Wymagana jest bezwzględna poprawność.
1. What’s (expensive/thing) you’ve ever bought?
2. My brother is (old) me.
3. London (be/crowded) Bath.
4. Jake (drive/careful) in our family.
5. You’re 14. You (be/young) drive.
6. She’s (good/student) in our school.
7. My room (be/big) yours.
8. Most people think that French is (difficult/learn) than English.
9. Mark is (fast/runner) in our team.
10. The water in the pool (be/warm/enough) for us to swim.
11. The trousers are (little/comfortable) the jeans.
12. This CD costs $9 and that one is $9.20. This CD is (bit/cheap) than that one.
13. Tara is 19. Her oldest cousin is 35. Tara’s oldest cousin (be/much/old) than her.
14. That’s (bad/lasagne) I’ve ever eaten! It's disgusting!
15. I like these jeans but they’re (expensive) I’d expected.