Egzamin gimnazjalny - Wyrażenia funkcjonalne w kontekście.

W zadaniach I i II dopasuj wyrażenia A-K do luk w punktach 1-10. W każdym zadaniu znajduje się dodatkowe wyrażenie, które nie ma pary.

Możesz szybko przechodzić do kolejnego pola wciskając "Tab"

Minisłownik/ Minidictionary:
Atchoo! - Apsik!
try sth on - przymierzyć coś
newly-weds - nowożeńcy

W pola wpisz litery A-K odpowiadające wyrażeniom podanym poniżej.

Zadanie I.

1. "Atchoo!" ""
2. "Can I have another biscuit?" ""
3. "Happy holidays." ""
4. "Thank you very much." ""
5. "Hello. This is Joe. Can I speak to Ted, please?" ""
6. "Excuse me, could I try this dress on?" " The changing rooms are over there."
7. "Do you have any idea what's happened?" ""
8. "I'm really sorry, but I can't come to your party." ""
9. "Shall I help you carry these bags?" ""
10. "Here's your coffee. " "Thank you."

A. Help yourself.
B. By all means.
C. What a pity.
D. Here you are.
E. Not a clue.
F. Bless you.
G. No kidding!
H. You're welcome.
I. That's very kind of you.
J. Speaking.
K. Same to you.

Zadanie II.

1. "Let's drink for the newly-weds." ""
2. "Mary, can you come here?" " I'll just finish breakfast."
3. "Thank you very much for your help." ""
4. "I've failed my exams." " It's not the end of the world."
5. "Excuse me, could I have the menu, please?" " I'll bring it in no time.
6. "I've passed my driving test." ""
7. "Bye." ""
8. "Can I speak to Susan, please?" " I'll get her."
9. "Bye. I'm going to a party." ""
10. "I'm sorry, I forgot your book." " Bring it tomorrow."

A. Not at all.
B. Cheer up.
C. Take care.
D. Congratulations!
E. That's all right.
F. Cheers.
G. Certainly.
H. Hold on.
I. Just a minute.
J. Enjoy yourself.
K. How rude.