Wyrażanie przyszłości przy pomocy Future Simple, Present Simple, Present Continuous oraz 'to be going to'

exhibition - wystawa
Denmark - Dania
promise - obiecać
take - zabrać, wziąć [tu: kupić]

Uzupełnij luki wpisując czasowniki z nawiasów we właściwych formach czasów Present Simple, Future Simple, Present Continuous lub to be going to.
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1. “Let’s go to the cinema.” “Great! I (meet) you at the front door at 7.30.”
2. The exams (begin) in May.
3. I think people (colonise) the universe some day.
4. I can’t meet you this afternoon. I (see) the dentist at 3 p.m.
5. What time (the exhibition/ begin)?
6. “What (you/ do) tonight?” “I don’t know. I think I (stay) in and watch a video.”
7. The bus (leave) at 6.
8. I (visit) Denmark this June but I’m not 100% sure yet.
9. Jack’s very good at playing tennis. He (become) a professional tennis player.
10. Look at the dark clouds! It (rain).
11. I (not tell) anyone. I promise!
12. We (go) to the cinema tomorrow evening. We’ve already bought the tickets.
13. Look at that car! It (crash) into the bus!
14. Peter’s wearing old clothes and he’s holding a brush and some paint. He (paint) the garage.
15. The school year (begin) in September.
16. Ted hasn’t studied for the test. He (fail) it.
17. “It’s so hot in here.” “I (open) the window.”
18. Oh! this bag is too heavy for me to carry.” “Don’t worry. I (help) you.”
19. “You look great in this coat.” “Really? I (take) it then.”
20. The film at the cinema (start) at 8 p.m.