Czasownik 'to be' - formy teraźniejsze (am/is/are) i przeszłe (was/were).

Uzupełnij luki teraźniejszymi i przeszłymi formami czasownika 'to be'. Dla przypomnienia: formy teraźniejsze to 'am/is/are', formy przeszłe 'was/were'.
1. Last year Jack 12, so he 13 now.
2. Today it very hot, but yesterday it very cold.
3. I thirsty. Can I have a glass of water?
4. I feel great this morning but I very tired last night.
5. Where you at 9 o’clock last Friday morning?
6. I like these shoes but they very expensive. I can't buy them.
7. He a very naughty baby. Now, he well-behaved.
8. I like your new jacket. it very expensive?
9. This time last year I in the UK.
10. ‘Where Susie?’ ‘I don’t know. She in the living room five minutes ago.’
11. ' Ted in the town yesterday?' 'No, he .'
12. ‘ you at school yesterday?’ ‘No, I ill.’
13. My grandfather a shoemaker for 50 years.’
14. ‘ your mum a teacher?’ Yes, she is.’
15. Maciej English. He Polish.