Indirect questions - Pytania pośrednie/ pozorne.

Jesteś dziennikarzem (-rką). Przepisz pytania zadane gwieździe muzyki w formie pytań pozornych.

1. What’s your biggest success?
qqCould you tell me ?
2. Are you working on anything at the moment?
qqWould you mind telling me ?
3. Have you recorded any songs recently?
qqOur readers would like to know ?
4. Are you tired after a concert?
qqI was wondering if you could tell me ?
5. Do you still support Save the Whales Foundation?
qqI’d be interested to know ?
6. How many concerts do you give a year?
qqWould you be so kind as to tell me ?
7. When are you planning to publish your new album?
qqCould you tell me ?
8. Did you want to be a musician when you were a child?
qqI was wondering ?
9. Why did you move to Leicester?
qqOur readers would like to know ?
10. Do you answer e-mails from your fans?
qqCould you tell me ?
11. What is your greatest dream?
qqI’d be interested to know ?
12. Why have you changed your hairstyle?
qqLastly, would you mind telling me ?