Kwantyfikatory some, any, a lot (of), much, many, (a) little, (a) few lub a(n).

Uzupełnij luki kwantyfikatorami: some, any, a lot (of), much, many, (a) little, (a) few lub a(n)..
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W niektórych przypadkach istnieje więcej niż jedna poprawna odpowiedź.

1 Is there pool near your house?
2 Hurry! We haven’t got time.
3 Are there apples in the basket?
4 How sugar do you need?
5 Would you like tea?
6 -Do they have time?
-Yes, but not .
7 Can I have water, please?
8 The train leaves in 10 hours so we have time.
9 –How coffee do you have?
. (dużo).
10 How people were there at the party?
11 How does it weigh?
12 Can I have orange, please?
13 I’ve got time so I can’t talk to you right now.
14 I’m sorry but there aren’t free seats.
15 Can you give me advice?
16 We need bread, kilo of ham and tin of sardines.
17 Would you like sugar in your tea?
18 Are there people in the street?
19 I haven’t got money - only a few pounds.
20 I’m so happy because I’ve got problems.
21 I've got too money to buy a new car.
22 I need apples to make an apple pie.
23 It was very cold, so very people came to the town picnic.
24 -How computer games do you have?
- Now .
25 During my trip to Portugal I took pictures - around 2000.

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