Kwantyfikatory some, any, a lot (of), much, many, (a) little, (a) few, a(n), none (of), no, how much lub how many.

Uzupełnij luki kwantyfikatorami: some, any, a lot (of), much, many, (a) little, (a) few, a(n), none (of), no, how much lub how many.
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W niektórych przypadkach istnieje więcej niż jedna poprawna odpowiedź.

1. “Have you got CDs?” “Only a .”
2. May I have more time, please?
3. Are there vegetarian dishes on the menu in this restaurant?
4. You have invited too people. We don’t have enough seats.
5. It was a great party. of the people enjoyed it.
6. There’s too noise in the room. I can’t stand it.
7. Can I have cream for my coffee?
8. Have we got tinned vegetables left?
9. Is there park nearby?
10. “What did you have for lunch today?” “ sandwich and apple.”
11. There are very biscuits. The box is almost empty.
12. She’s got time – enough to go shopping.
13. There isn’t university in the town.
14. I’ve got real friends. of them has ever let me down.
15. Would you like hot chocolate?
16. There isn’t jam left in the jar - only a spoonful.
17. “ coffee do you drink each day?” .” (Mnóstwo)
18. Are you hungry? There’s chicken left in the fridge.
19. “ eggs do you need to make a cake?” “Only .”
20. Sophie has got money – almost 1000 euro.
21. There’s too traffic today. We won’t get to work on time.
22. “ cheese do you need?” “Not .”
23. I’ve got very bread. There’s not enough for all of us.
24. He’s got money on him – not even a penny.
25. “Are there students in your class?” “Yes. About thirty.”
26. We’ve got plenty of bread but we haven’t got butter.” “OK. I’ll go to the shop and get .”
27. “Let’s go for a walk.” “Sorry, I can’t. I’ve got of work to do.”
28. I haven’t taken photos on holiday. Just a .
29. I’ve drunk all juice and now I’ve got .
30. “Does this juice contain sugar?” “No. It’s 100% juice with sugar added. It’s naturally sweet.”