Czasowniki modalne - have to - część 2

Uzupełnij luki wpisując poprawne formy czasownika modalnego 'have to' w czasie teraźniejszym i przeszłym.
1. You do it if you don’t have time.
2. They walk their dog every day - even in bad weather.
3. " you get up so early?" "Yes, I do."
4. Jack work long hours from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m.
5. Children write tests and exams.
6. My car broke down, so I take it to a mechanic yesterday.
7. British schoolchildren wear uniforms.
8. She cook today. She’s going to a restaurant with her boyfriend.
9. He was badly injured. He be taken to hospital.
10. Jack tidy up his room tomorrow.
11. " your mum work on Saturdays?" "No, she doesn’t."
12. You wash the car. I’m taking it to the car wash.
13. She sit her final exams yesterday.
14. Mark can’t come with us. He look after his little brother.
15. You bring any food for the picnic. I’ve got everything.