Strona bierna - formy w czasach Present Simple i Past Simple

Uzupełnij luki podanymi czasownikami i odpowiednimi formami czasownika 'to be' tak, aby powstały poprawne zdania w stronie biernej w czasach Present Simple i Past Simple.

1 Paper (invent) in China.
2 I (drive) to school by my mum every day.
3 Hundreds of books (publish) every year.
4 Football (play) all over the world.
5 The first trainers (design) in the USA.
6 The London Eye (construct) in 1999.
7 Instructions (usually/ write) in different languages.
8 Computers (use) worldwide.
9 Animals (keep) by people.
10 World Cup 2006 (win) by Italy.
11 Jack (mug) in the park yesterday.
12 We (not invite) to the party last weekend.
13 I (help) by Mat yesterday.
14 Chocolate (produce) from cocoa.
15 After the crash he (take) to hospital.