Strona bierna - formy w czasach Present Simple i Past Simple

Dokończ zdania w stronie biernej w czasach Present Simple i Past Simple.
Następnie kliknij "ZAKOŃCZ I SPRAWDŹ".

01 Somebody closes the curtains every evening.
Curtains every evening.

02 Everybody understood her.
She by everybody.

03 Postmen deliver letters.
Letters by postmen.

04 Police officers wear uniforms.
Uniforms by police officers.

05 A famous artist drew these pictures.
These pictures by a famous artist.

06 People give presents at Christmas.
Presents at Christmas.

07 Her friend phoned her.
She by her friend.

08 Somebody rings the bell every day at noon.
The bell every day at noon.

09 Somebody stole the car last night.
The car last night.

10 My sister took the book.
The book by my sister.

11 Jack helped her.
She by Jack.

12 She answered the question.
The question by her.

13 My brother brought the bag inside.
The bag inside by my brother.

14 Young people play computer games.
Computer games by young people.

15 I read the book yesterday.
The book by me yesterday.