Czas Past Simple - zdania twierdzące z czasownikami regularnymi i nieregularnymi.

Uzupełnij luki w zdaniach przeszłymi formami czasowników podanych w nawiasach. Występują czasowniki regularne i nieregularne.
Lista czasowników nieregularnych

1. Susie (watch) a film last night.
2. Bob (eat) breakfast at 7:30 this morning.
3. Mikey (do) homework an hour ago.
4. Sam and Pam (play) tennis yesterday.
5. I (listen) to music for 2 hours this afternoon.
6. I (like) Tom and Jerry when I was 8.
7. Dad (drink) a cup of coffee and went to work.
8. My brother (walk) the dog two hours ago.
9. The Johnsons (buy) a car last night.
10. We (visit) Athens last summer.
11. I (tidy) my room yesterday afternoon.
12. Mum (water) the plants last Saturday.
13. J. K. Rowling (write) Harry Potter books.
14. Tom (wash) the car on Saturday morning.
15. We (live) in London in 2002.
16. I (surf) the Net last night.
17. Mum (make) an apple pie this morning.
18. It (snow) heavily last month.
19. She (be) at the cinema last night.
20. The footballers (be) very tired after the match.