Present Perfect Simple i Present Perfect Continuous - test luk

Uzupełnij luki w zdaniach poprawnymi formami czasu Present Perfect Simple lub Present Perfect Continuous. Występują tu zdania twierdzące, pytania lub przeczenia.
Tam, gdzie to możliwe możesz używac zarówno form pełnych, jak i skróconych.
Po rozwiązaniu kliknij "ZAKOŃCZ I SPRAWDŹ". Aby wrócić na stronę kliknij "POWRÓT NA STRONĘ".

Możesz szybko przechodzić do następnego pola klawiszem "Tab"

1. I’m exhausted. I (work) all day!
2. They (have) a dog for two years.
3. Who (use) my computer?! The mouse is all sticky!
4. I (be) married since 2002.
5. How long (you/ learn) English?
6. “Is it still snowing?” “No, it (stop).”
7. Peter (play) computer games for three hours now.
8. I’m sorry I (not send) you an e-mail for such a long time.
9. Do something! The baby (cry) for ten minutes now!
10. Jack! I (not see) you for ages!
11. Tom (look) for a flat for three months. He (noT find) anything interesting yet.
12. Trisha (learn) Spanish words for a test since breakfast. So far she (learn) half of what she needs to know.
13. The ground is wet. It (rain) all morning.
14. “Are you still doing homework?” “No, I (just/ finish) it.
15. She (already/ do) shopping.
16. “ (you/ clean) your room yet?” “Yes, I .”
17. It’s Christmas time. People are queuing to buy presents. They (queue) for two hours.
18. I (not watch) any good films recently.
19. Steve’s very sad. He (fail) his exams.
20. “ (Kenny/ find) his car keys yet?” “No, he .”
21. Your hair looks different. (you/ dye) it?
22. We’re on holiday. We (take) over 500 pictures so far.
23. He (live) here all his life.
24. I (always/ want) to be a firefighter.
25. “Where’s Josh?” “He (go) shopping.”
26. Why are you so red in the face? (you/ fight) again?!
27. I (know) Ted since kindergarten.
28. They (play) the match for 85 minutes. The match (not finish) yet.
29. (you/ wear) my sweater?! It’s dirty and it smells terrible!
30. I (do) this exercise for 30 minutes.