Czasy teraźniejsze Present Simple i Present Continuous i czasowniki statyczne

busy - zajęty, ghost stories - historie o duchach, at the seaside - nad morzem

Uzupełnij luki właściwymi formami czasowników w nawiasach. Pamiętaj o czasownikach statycznych/ półstatycznych.
1. He (go) on holiday tomorrow.
2. I (usually /clean) my room at weekends.
3. You can’t go to the bathroom. It’s busy. Dad (have) a shower.
4. Mandy (look) at the family photos at the moment.
5. (you / understand) physics?
6. Susie’s new perfume (smell) wonderful.
7. I (go) to the shopping centre every month.
8. (she / live) here?
9. I (see) the dentist at 5pm tomorrow so I can’t come to dinner.
10. Mum’s pizzas (always / taste) great.
11. I (not have) a shower in the bathroom. You can only use the bath.
12. I (think) Daft Punk’s new album is interesting.
13. Children (love) listening to ghost stories.
14. Look! Mat (walk) with his new girlfriend!
15. The Johnsons are at the seaside. I’m sure they (have) a great time.
16. I (usually/ have) lunch at school.
17. How often (you / visit) your cousins?
18. She (have) a beautiful big room.
19. (you/ think) English is easy or difficult?
20. ‘Mum: Don’t eat the cake!’ ‘Little Bobby: I’m not eating the cake! I (just/ taste) it!’