Relative clauses - who, which, where, whose i that.

Uzupełnij luki wpisując poprawne formy czasownika modalnego 'have to' w czasie teraźniejszym i przeszłym.

1. The pizza she made was delicious.
2. That’s the man daughter lives in Iceland.
3. A radio is a thing plays music.
4. I don’t like people tell lies.
5. A park is a place people can relax and have barbecues.
6. I met a man great grandfather died in the Titanic catastrophe.
7. Giraffes are animals live in Africa.
8. A biro is something you can write with.
9. Indiana Jones is a film everyone will enjoy.
10. The woman lives next door is a teacher.
11. A theatre is a place you can see a play.
12. Bruce Willis is the person starred in Die Hard films.
13. That’s the dog bit me last week.
14. A chemist’s is a place you can buy medicines.
15. I work with a guy wife appeared in a film.