Rodzajnik określony a(n) i nieokreślony the.

Uzupełnij luki w zdaniach właściwymi rodzajnikami "a", "an" lub "the". Jeśli żaden rodzajnik nie pasuje wpisz symbol "-".
Możesz szybko przechodzić do następnego pola klawiszem "Tab"

1. “What’s this?” “It’s ostrich egg.”
2. “Is Madagascar island?” “Yes, it is.”
3. There’s car in street. car is a Volvo.
4. When you’re in New York you should see Statue Of Liberty.
5. Gobi Desert is in Asia.
6. Vistula River flows into Baltic Sea.
7. Could you give me hand? [= Could you help me?]
8. “Is Tom in kitchen?” “No, he’s in living room.”
9. Madrid is capital of Spain.
10. Lake Śniardwy is biggest lake in Poland.
11. I can’t play guitar.
12. I usually wake up late in morning and go to bed late at night.
13. Mont Blanc is highest mountain in Alps.
14. London is biggest city in United Kindgom.
15. Alex can play tennis very well.
16. Smiths are our next-door neighbours.
17. That’s my car.
18. Would you like banana or orange?
19. Giraffes live in Africa.
20. She sailed across Atlantic Ocean last year.