Pronouns - Zaimki

Uzupełnij luki właściwymi przymiotnikami dzierżawczymi (my. his, her...), zaimkami dzierżawczymi (mine, yours, his...), zaimkami w funkcji dopełnienia (me, you, him...) lub zaimkami osobowymi (I, you, he...). W nawiasach podano zaimki, od których należy wyjść, n.p.: I - my, mine lub me.
Możesz szybko przechodzić do następnego pola klawiszem "Tab"

1. These shoes are (I).
2. Are these (they) sandwiches?” „No, they’re (we).
3. (she) sister is younger.
4. This is (she) book and this one is (you).
5. (it – cat’s) bowl is empty.
6. Joanne likes (he).
7. “Whose is this coat?” “ (he).”
8. “Is it (he) car?” “No, it’s (I).
9. It’s (I) house.
10. It’s not (we) business. Let’s not involve.
11. I can see (he) but he can’t see (I).
12. I hope she will help (we).
13. Can you tell (I) about (it)?
14. Look at (I) cool jeans. (I) bought (they) yesterday.
15. These are Laura and Sue. (they) father is a pilot.
16. That’s Tony. Come and meet (he).
17. This is Peter. (he) is 14.
18. Look at that bird. Can you see (it)?
19. That dog belongs to me. It’s (I).
20. (I) name is Sandra. Nice to meet (you).
21. “Is this (you) pen?” “Yes, it’s (I).
22. (she) birthday is in April.
23. “Hey, this ball is (we)!” “I’m sorry, but (you) ball is over there. This is (we).
24. Help (I)! (I) can’t open the window.
25. Ask (she). (she) can help you.
26. Give it to (he). It’s (he).
27. This is Tom. (he) is my brother.
28. These are Felix and Tiger. (they) are (I) cats.
29. Look at (they). (they) are musicians.
30. “This is a great dance. (I) like (it).” “OK, come on, dance with (I).
31. “I don’t like cats.” “Really? I love (they).
32. Julie is married, but I’ve never seen (she) husband.
33. “Is that car (you)?” “No, it’s Peter’s.”
34. “I’m going to Jane’s party.” “We’re going too. Come with (we) if you like.
35. “I love (you) but (you) never say that you love (I).” “ (I) do love (you)."
36. “Can you read Spanish?” “Yes, but I don’t speak (it) very well.
37. “Are they (you) new shoes?” “Yes, they are. Do (you) like (they)?”
38. Helooooo! Can anyone hear (I)?
39. I don’t know Susan’s parents. Do you know (they)?
40. Margaret likes music. (she) plays the piano.
41. He wants the key. Can you give (it) to (he)?
42. I want to phone Meg. Do you know (she) phone number?
43. “Is (you) number 124 567 665?” “No. (I) is 124 567 624.”
44. I like these jeans. Can I try (they) on?
45. It’s not my bag. It’s (she).
46. They’re (I) glasses. They’re (I).
47. (we) classroom is bigger than (you).
48. They’ve got two children, but (I) don’t know (they) names.
49. “Whose is that book? Is it (he)?” “Yes, it’s (he) book.
50. It’s (they) problem, not (we).